Press Release

FileZilla ® and Aphorism Factory recently discussed the fact that the use of certain domain names containing the trademarked name “Filezilla”, as well as the content of the websites hosted under said domains, were claimed to be non-compliant with the trademark laws and the rules for lawful use of the FileZilla ® Trademark as published by the FileZilla ® Project.

The parties then negotiated a distribution agreement by which Aphorism Factory undertakes and is authorized to only distribute genuine binaries from trusted sites under the FileZilla ® trademark, making sure at any times the most recent version is served to the public, and to comply with the further trademark rules publicly available here.

Filezilla ® is Free and open source software under the “GNU GPL v2 or any later version” license. Therefore, just like any other open source software, allows anyone who complies with the conditions of the license to distribute the original or modified versions of the application. However, as it is nowadays more and more customary, the trademark is used to ensure that the distributed version use is current and approved by the trademark owner. Filezilla ® and Data Access agree that this use of the trademark is beneficial to the users, the developers all the ecosystem.

About FileZilla

The free FTP solution for both client and server. FileZilla is open source software distributed free of charge. FileZilla allows to upload and download to and from a server using FTP and other protocols. It lets you transfer files and navigate among folders and to perform multiple file transfers simultaneously. For more information on FileZilla, visit OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

About Aphorism Factory

Aphorism Factory aims to distribute reliable and useful open source software in different languages and with a simple access through a group of dedicated websites. Starting its activity in 2004, Aphorism Factory distributes well-known and stable software such as FileZilla ®, Audacity, Keepass, 7-zip and many other ones.